How to report a website problem

This article applies to clients on our website care plans.

While we work hard to perform preventative maintenance on our client’s websites so issues do not occur in the first place, issues may still arise that you will want to have solved as quickly as possible. The way you report issues to us affects how quickly we can get them solved for you.

To take care of the problem fast, we need all the relevant details in one email to avoid having to ask you additional questions in a back and forth email before we can get started on fixing the issue.

What we need to solve your issue quickly

  1. Useful subject line
    A quick summary of the issue gives us context so we can quickly assign it to the correct person to work on. A subject “Help! Emergency!” doesn’t give us any useful information at all.
    Instead, something like “Add to cart button not working on iPhone 6” is much more useful to get your issue solved faster.
  2. Steps to replicate issue
    Outline the exact steps you have taken to create the problem so that we can replicate it. This is absolutely essential.
  3. Screenshot
    Pictures say a thousand words and help us fix the problem a thousand times faster.
    Our program of choice is Skitch by Evernote (iOS/OSX) or ShareX (WIN) both are great and free.
  4. Web browser, version, and operating system
    Include the web browser and version number that you are experiencing the problem in.
    This is usually found by clicking on the About menu item within your web browser.
  5. Page URL
    Include the web address where you are experiencing the issue. For example…
  6. One issue per email
    To keep us laser focused on solving the task at hand, please submit one issue per email.
  7. Reply to the original email
    If you have more information about the issue then please only send it as a reply to the original email.
    This keeps the communication nice and organised and in one place so we can see the issue in context – and solve it for you faster 🙂

By taking that little bit of extra time to include these items in your initial support request we’ll be able to get the issue solved for you quickly.

Where to send your issue

For clients with website care plans please send your issue to your dedicated email address that we set up for you.

For all other clients, please send these details to our support desk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.