Our project delivery process

Step 1: Project Details

The first step is to send us a your project so we can get an idea of what you want to achieve, your budget range and when you want to have the project completed by.

Step 2: Discovery Session

If we think we are a good fit for each other and we can deliver the project for you, we’ll book in a discovery session to learn more about you, your business and the goals of this project. The purpose is to get a deep understanding of your goals and exactly what will make this project a success so we can propose a solution that will deliver results.

Step 3: Proposal

Now that we are both on the same page with your project goals, we review with our team to develop a proposal with how we plan to deliver awesome results for your project.

Step 4: Before We Begin

You’re ready to begin? Great! Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Reply to the proposal email we sent through to say that you accept
  2. Review the project details including deliverables, timeline, fees, what we need from you and project terms
  3. Book a session with us to review the project details, what we need from you and make sure we are on the same page with what will and will not be included so expectations are clear
  4. Agree to the project terms
  5. Pay the initial deposit
  6. Provide us with the required content (more on that below)

Once we receive all of the above, we then lock in the project schedule.

Step 5: Providing Required Content

For project success, everything must be known up front. What we need from you is to send us all the content that is part of this project so we can review and ensure it is up to standard before we begin.

This includes all photos, text content, documents, exact print specifications, and anything else that is part of this project that needs to be provided to us.

Step 5: Project Kick-off

Our project begins with a kick-off meeting to set the wheels in motion. This sets the stage for the project ahead, let’s us answer any questions you have and then we’re ready to get started!