Recommended Website and Email Hosting

We do not offer technical support for 3rd party website, email or other services relating to website hosting. This is best provided by the companies that offer these services while we focus on getting the best results for your website.

There are many options for web hosting and email service and we have tried a lot of them. Below are our recommendations:

Website Hosting: WPengine

WPengine is our recommended website host. Why? Security, high performance, reliability. They do not provide email services so they can focus on hosting. We use them for our own website, for ecommerce sites and huge news websites. They are superb.

Sign up for website hosting with WPengine here.

Website Hosting & Email: Siteground

We recommend Siteground for high quality, shared website hosting and email services. They are easy to use, have awesome support and the sites run super fast. They are a great shared server, although not our recommendation for large sites, ecommerce sites or maximum reliability. They are really great though, we have many successful client sites that are hosted with Siteground.

Sign up for website hosting and email with Siteground here (and get up to 60% off!).

Email Hosting

When it comes to email hosting, we do not have a single recommended provider as there are a few options to suit different needs. All of these options require a small amount of technical skill to set up and each provider has thorough documentation to help you get up and running.

Google Apps – when you need more than just email and have technical skills to set it up. Sign up for Google Apps here.

Rackspace email – we haven’t used this ourselves, but it comes highly recommended.

CrazyDomains – we haven’t tried this either, but we have heard their email is reliable.