Setting Up Your Email Address in Mail for Mac

If you use an Apple Macintosh computer, then you might use the built-in Mail program (also known as Mac Mail) to check your email.  You can also configure Mac Mail to check your email from your hosting with us so that you do not need to learn to use a new email client.  Follow the steps below to set up Mac Mail on your computer to retrieve your email.

To Set Up Your E-mail Account in Mail for Mac

  1. First, open up your Mac Mail on your computer, and you will get a screen like the one below.
    Fill out the requested information and click Continue.
    For the password field, make sure that you use the password for your email address and not the password for your control panel.


  2. In this next screen you will tell Mac Mail how to get your email from our server.
    Account Type Select either POP or IMAP.
    Description Enter in anything you want, such as “Bob’s Email” for example.
    Incoming Mail Server The server name will be
    User Name Put in your full email address (not your cPanel username).
    Password The password for the email account you are setting up.


  3. This screen asks for the same information as the last screen so you will use the same mail server with the same User Name and Password.
    Also, check the boxes that say Use Authentication and Use only this server.


  4. Once you have filled in the information, the final page will confirm the settings that you just selected.
    Click the box for Take account online if it isn’t already checked.
    If the information is correct hit Create and you will be able to access your email through Mac Mail.