Troubleshooting WooCommerce Orders

Credit Card Not Working

To troubleshoot a credit card transaction not working there are two things to check first:

  1. The Order Notes
  2. Your payment gateway transaction history.

Check Order Notes

Within the order there is an order notes section which will include detail of why the transaction failed. In some cases this includes an error code which can make it much easier to troubleshoot the problem. In other cases you may need to review your payment gateway transaction history.

Check Payment Gateway Status

Payment gateways are not perfect and unfortunately have issues from time to time. Depending on your payment gateway will depend on how the status is reported.

Check Payment Gateway Transactions

Within your payment gateway there is a list of transaction records, including failed records so you can review what caused the failed payment. This varies between payment gateways but it usually within a section called “Transaction History”. Click on the transaction that is having issues and send the details to your payment gateway provider so they can review the cause of the issue.