Website is not loading

When your website isn’t loading it’s important to check where the issue is so our website team can resolve the issue quickly.

When your website is not loading, try the following steps:

1. Check if it is down for you or everyone

We use to check if a website is online. Just enter your website and the tool will let you know if the site is offline for everyone or just you. Here’s the link to check if is online

2. Clear your browser cache

Your browser cache is a saved list of files stored on your computer to make websites load faster. When a website is requested, your browser looks to the cache for the files stored locally first before checking with the server.

The issue with this is that your browser can present old files instead of new ones. Clearing your cache means that your browser can only query the server for the new files.

The step by step instructions at will help guide you through how to clear your cache. Once your cache is cleared, try accessing the website again.

3. Use Private Browsing Mode

Most web browsers have a private browsing mode that can be used. This mode clears the cache automatically every time it is closed, so it’s a great way to test websites.

4. Use a different computer

Test accessing the website with a completely different computer to check if the issue is just related to your device.

5. Use a different network

Although rare, some issues can related just to your internet connection. Try using the 4G on your phone to connect to the website and see if the issue persists.

Once you have performed these steps it should be clear where the issue is and you will be able to be in touch with the right person to get your issue resolved quickly.