WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

Automate Your After Sales Care and Prospect Follow Up Emails

Sending personalised follow-ups with customers helps to improve customer satisfaction, reduce return rates and creates a positive experience for your customers.

Follow-ups will better engage your customers by creating complex campaigns based on user interests and purchase history to drive more purchases and higher engagement, all with less effort across multiple marketing channels.

Follow-Ups allow you to:

  • Email and Tweet your customers and prospects
  • Track efficacy of your emails (open/clicks/sends/etc)
  • Automate your marketing communications, so you can spend more time selling
  • Track customer value to enhance knowledge of your customers
  • Stay abreast of your students’ progress, and communicate updates
  • Create reminders to ensure no communication is missed
  • Optimise your email marketing spend with no outrageous monthly fees
  • Create and manage mailing lists to get a complete 360-degree view of your email marketing
  • Customise templates for each campaign (or even email) to ensure emails look great on every device
  • Personalise your emails with built-in variables and merge tags, as well as support custom variables
  • Enhance the WooCommerce email system and integrate it into your marketing plan


Don’t limit yourself to simply knowing your email was sent. With Follow-ups, you will get detailed reporting to help you understand the performance.

Know Your Customers

Get a detailed picture of your customers and prospect. See the status of every email sent to a specific email address (customer). Know if they opened a specific email, or better yet, clicked. See the value of the customer by seeing a summary of their orders. Create reminders for yourself, your partners, or your employees to take action on that customer.

Newsletters and One-time Emails

Create email templates and newsletters to send to as many of your customer segments as needed. Need to send a specific email to a single Mailing List? Want your employees to use a specific email template when communicating with customers? Follow-ups can allow you to do that. In addition, every email sent is tracked for future use and reporting.

Follow Ups official product page

Follow Ups official documentation